Time for some Johnny Cash

My last post featured a bunch of Johnny Cash songs done up by Frenchman Eddy Ray Cooper. While it was fun to listen to Eddy Ray singing some of those great songs, it reminded me that it’s been some time … Continue reading

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CD Review: Eddy Ray Cooper, Behind Johnny Cash

I guess there’s just no two ways about it: I love Johnny Cash music! And so does Eddy Ray Cooper. We met Eddy a couple of years back when I review his Limoncello Blues CD. I dug that CD and have … Continue reading

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Carl Perkins, Honey Don’t

It’s been a while since I’ve featured Carl Perkins. What is there you can even say about this guy? I mean, where do you begin? No one–and I mean no one–did rockabilly the way Perkins did. He was amazing. He wrote … Continue reading

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Charlie Patton, Shake It and Break It

Rockabilly’s roots go deep and the influences get wider the longer you study it. Over the past year or so I’ve really been falling in love with early acoustic blues–Delta Blues, Country Blues, Piedmont Blues…so many wonderful songs, musicians, and … Continue reading

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Hi-yo Silver…Away!

I was sitting in a quiet waiting room the other day when “The William Tell Overture” came on the radio. Now to many, that’s simply a brilliant piece of classical music. But to probably millions of American boys my age … Continue reading

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CD Review: The Bellfuries, Workingman’s Bellfuries

I believe that all music is derivative. Everything “new” comes out of something that came before it. Enter the Bellfuries out of Austin, Texas. This band has clearly reached back into a grab bag of influences to create their sound. … Continue reading

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Rusty York, Shake ‘Em Up Baby

Here’s a cover of Roy Brown’s “Shake ‘Em Up Baby” by Rusty York. York started out as a bluegrass musician after being inspired by a concert he saw with Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys in the early ’50s. … Continue reading

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Sammy Masters, Wop-T-Bop

Sammy Masters is another artists who cut some great tunes but never broke through. He started recording in 1950. He didn’t see much success, although he did write the great “Turn the Cards Slowly” which Patsy Cline turned into a … Continue reading

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Red Foley, Rock ‘N Reelin’

Well, we started leaning toward hillbilly boogie yesterday with Mack Banks, so why not go with that a little bit? 1956 was a year where lots of country artists were trying to figure out exactly what they should do with … Continue reading

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Mack Banks, Be Boppin’ Daddy

Here’s a fun little slice from the space between hillbilly boogie and rockabilly. Mack Banks and his Drifting Troubadours cut this in 1956. Banks had started his musical career playing in a band that specialized in Burl Ives cover tunes … Continue reading

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