Charlene Arthur & the Knights, Hello Baby

Charlene Arthur was one of the greatest foretellers of rock and roll. She was a true rebel in the man’s world of ’40s and early ’50s country. She refused to fit into the mold the men had cast for their … Continue reading

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Johnny Horton, Devil Made a Masterpiece

Well, yes, I’m terribly late with a happy birthday seeing as how Johnny’s birthday was April 30, but (as you might have noticed) it’s been pretty difficult for me to get to blogging lately. Anyway, I’m terrible about keeping up … Continue reading

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CD Review: Pearls Mahone, Echoes from the Prairie

Chicago’s sassy roots maven, Pearls Mahone, steps out in a new direction with her latest effort, Echoes from the Prairie. But she hasn’t only struck out in different creative direction, she’s stepped beyond what I’ve heard from her before as … Continue reading

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The Cyclones, Let’s Roll

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Kids, you should really be a certified psychobilly practitioner before you try playing with fire and driving like The Cyclones do. The band’s song, “Let’s Roll” isn’t the most aggressive psychobilly tune–it’s more an aggressive rockabilly cut–but … Continue reading

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MoRS Band, Mine of Gold

Ivan is a loyal reader of Rockabilly Romp and one of a handful of readers who consistently leaves comments on various posts. So I’m glad to finally be able to get around to letting you know about Ivan and his … Continue reading

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Bobby Roberts, Big Sandy

Here’s an obscure one for you. Bobby Roberts along with the Jennings Brothers rocks through a tune called “Big Sandy.” There are a lot of guys with the name Bobby Roberts popping up on a search of the name, and … Continue reading

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CD Review: J. Tex & The Volunteers, Old Ways, New Days

 If I had to pick a favorite out of the more than 80 records I’ve reviewed on this site, House on the Hill by J. Tex & and Volunteers would have to be considered for the title. I enjoyed that … Continue reading

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Sonny Burgess, Red Headed Woman

I received a note from a reader named Bobby to let me know that Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers will be appearing at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee tomorrow night. Now, that’s not more than a couple hours from … Continue reading

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The Story of Bobby Poe

One of the best rewards I get for writing this blog is when I hear from the artists I write about, or people who knew those that we’ve already lost. I recently wrote about Big Al Downing, a pioneer pianist … Continue reading

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CD Review: Fatboy, Love Creole

You can’t hear too much of Love Creole, the 2012 release by Sweden’s Fatboy before you start making comparisons to Chris Isaak. And, not surprisingly, as you listen to more of the record, you start hearing a lot of Roy … Continue reading

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