Johnny Carroll and the Hot Rocks, Sugar Baby

When people talk about the greats of rockabilly, you’ll pretty much always hear the usual names: Presley, Perkins, Cochran, Vincent, Burnette, and so on. Now, of course, I love the music all of these guys made and have posted more … Continue reading

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Guitars and Cars a Match Made in Heaven

To be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about a line of guitars designed by Aussie luthier Dave Gartland of Ali Kat guitars. He’s building guitars that are fashioned after classic cars (and even some motorcycles) of the ’50s. They’re pretty … Continue reading

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Dave O’Connor, Like Old King Cole

I love nothing more than stumbling upon some crazy, obscure old gem, and here’s one I just found. I don’t know whether you’d call it rockabilly exactly, but neither is it quite solidly hillbilly boogie or totally country. But it’s … Continue reading

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Johnny Rivers, Long Long Walk

For some reason, the name Johnny Rivers popped into my head this morning. Of course, most of us know Rivers from his mega classic “Secret Agent Man” and other hits like “Baby I Need Your Lovin’.” But, like many of … Continue reading

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The Saint Gillbillies, The Devil’s in Rio

It is a bit grudgingly that I congratulate the Belgian National team on their thrilling victory over my own USA team yesterday. Even the brick wall named Tim Howard couldn’t stop everything for much more than 90 minutes, but the … Continue reading

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Brian Setzer, Let’s Shake

UPDATE: Wow; that didn’t take long. No sooner had I posted this than the video I linked to was ripped down by YouTube for copyright violation. Sorry about that–I hope at least a few of you got to hear it! In … Continue reading

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Brian Setzer Due to Release “Rockabilly Riot: All Original” in August

Word is that Setzer is getting deep into his rockabilly roots for his upcoming record, Rockabilly Riot: All Original which will be released in August on the Surfdog Records label. Brian calls the record, “a straight-ahead rockabilly album from start to … Continue reading

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Say Farewell to Voodoo Swing

Arizona’s Voodoo Swing was one of the first modern bands I started following back when I began this blog a few years back. I’ve reviewed their last two records, Keep on Rollin’ and Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos, and Scars, both out on … Continue reading

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The Alvin Brothers team up again after 30 years

After almost 30 years since their last joint effort, Phil and Dave Alvin have finally recorded together again. Since Dave left the Blasters years ago, the brothers have, as brothers sometimes will, gone through some rocky times in their relationship, but … Continue reading

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Sparkle Moore, Tiger

Sparkle Moore was just plain cool. On stage she dressed like a man–and a tough man at that–and looked, and sounded like a bad girl with a bad attitude. And her music was rockin’. She had an extremely short, yet quite influential … Continue reading

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