Sonny Burgess, Red Headed Woman

I received a note from a reader named Bobby to let me know that Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers will be appearing at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee tomorrow night. Now, that’s not more than a couple hours from … Continue reading

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The Story of Bobby Poe

One of the best rewards I get for writing this blog is when I hear from the artists I write about, or people who knew those that we’ve already lost. I recently wrote about Big Al Downing, a pioneer pianist … Continue reading

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CD Review: Fatboy, Love Creole

You can’t hear too much of Love Creole, the 2012 release by Sweden’s Fatboy before you start making comparisons to Chris Isaak. And, not surprisingly, as you listen to more of the record, you start hearing a lot of Roy … Continue reading

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The Kevin Fayte Rock-n-Roll Trio, Long Long Way to Go

I’ve written over 80 CD reviews for this blog since I wrote my first one back in the summer of 2011. And that first one was a review of a record by my old friend and musical partner with his … Continue reading

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CD Review, Coastal Travel US Radio Sampler

Coastal Travel US Radio is a great internet radio station that loves American roots music. And they have special place in their hearts for rockabilly. It’s been a couple of years now since they started their Rockabilly Thursdays when each … Continue reading

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Eddie Bond, Boppin’ Bonnie

Well, we all think Sam Phillips was a genius for the guys he signed to Sun Records that went on not only to become huge stars, but to define rock and roll music’s future course itself. Yet, even the great … Continue reading

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Weldon Rogers, So Long Goodbye and Good Luck

Weldon Rogers made more noise as a country artist, but was interested in rockabilly too. He cofounded┬áJe-wel Records in order to record and promote artists playing in “the Elvis Presley style.” The first artist he signed was a kid named … Continue reading

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Hank Sanders, Been Gone a Long Time

Sometimes life really gets in the way of blogging…sorry I’ve been silent for so long. When I was thinking of what to blog today, I thought the phrase “long time” was appropriate and when I searched that, I found this … Continue reading

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The Starlighters, Don’t Come Knockin’ Up My Tree

I’m guessing at the name of this tune since I’ve never heard it before, but whatever it’s called, you don’t get much more crazy than this outfit! Joey Dee on sax, standup bass, guitar, drums, as well as trumpet and … Continue reading

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Another Rockabilly Weekender on Coastal Travel US Radio

Last month’s first-ever rockabilly weekender on Coastal Travel US Radio was cool. And I’m not the only one who thought so. In fact, it was mighty popular. So popular that another weekender is scheduled for…right now! Tune in all this … Continue reading

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