Eddie Cash and the Cashiers, Doing All Right

Eddie Cash is, as far as I know, not related by blood to that other famous rockabilly Cash, but basically ran with the same crowd. He was born and raised in Memphis and was part of the rockabilly scene there. … Continue reading

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Eddie Gaines, Be-Bop Battlin’ Ball

Eddie Gaines and The Rockin’ Five give us a great tune, “Be-Bop Battlin’ Ball.” I love the way this one starts out feeling not like rockabilly, but more like a hepped up hillbilly boogie number, but grows in intensity until … Continue reading

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Dale Vaughn and the Starnotes, How can You Be Mean To Me

Dale Vaughn appears to have cut just a couple of tunes in the late ‘5os which were released on Von Records, a little local label out of Boonville, Mississippi. There’s not much I can find out about him, though he is listed … Continue reading

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CD Review: Black Vincent, Teardrop Deluxe

Every once in a while, you just need to listen to a sad song. Strangely, sometimes it makes you feel good. And there are times when you want to listen to a whole batch of sad songs. Those are the times … Continue reading

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Ray Harris, Come on Little Mamma

Ray Harris cut a handful of tracks for Sam Phillips’ Sun Records label in 1956 and ’57. “Come on Little Mamma” was released in 1956, but this is an alternate recording that was only released on compilation records over the following … Continue reading

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Loretta French, He’s Just Aggravatin’ Me

Here’s another record from the volumes of the great unknowns that make up such a rich part of rockabilly treasure. I don’t know a single thing about Loretta French. By the sounds of her fantastic voice on these two recordings, she seems … Continue reading

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The Unkool Hillbillies

If you like rollicking piano rock and roll, much in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis, then you should check out the new single from Sweden’s Unkool Hillbillies. The single, contains a couple of songs that aren’t actually all that … Continue reading

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Shorty Tom & the Longshots

From time to time I scan through my old emails. I know myself well enough to know that there are messages in there that I missed or set aside and never got back to. I feel bad every time I … Continue reading

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Unknown Artist, I Love You Baby

Have you, like I have, ever found yourself wondering how in the world there are still songs to be written? I mean, think about it; there are only 12 notes in the western music scale. And those 12 notes can … Continue reading

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Charlene Arthur & the Knights, Hello Baby

Charlene Arthur was one of the greatest foretellers of rock and roll. She was a true rebel in the man’s world of ’40s and early ’50s country. She refused to fit into the mold the men had cast for their … Continue reading

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