Johnny Duncan, If You Love Me

I kind of don’t know anymore what I’m allowed to call “rockabilly” and what I’m not. Seems like I’m always getting in trouble for including things here that don’t fit some definition of the term. Whatever, I like this song, … Continue reading

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Rockabilly Romp Readership Skyrockets!

Well, for one day anyway. I don’t know what happened, but Rockabilly Romp has seen its highest number of visitors ever today. Well over three times the normal daily average of readers and still climbing. It would appear that somewhere, … Continue reading

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Lackanellys, Acerero Hasta Ponerse el Sol

Yesterday it was Italian rockabilly, today it’s the Spaniards’ turn. I got a nice little note from a band out of (I think) Madrid called Lackanellys. Well, at least with my rudimentary grasp of spanish, I believe it was a … Continue reading

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Vintage Rockabilly Revival from Italy

As I sit down to a dinner of Italian food, I got to thinking that I haven’t seen much rockabilly out of Italy. The closest I could think of is Eddy Ray Cooper, but I think he’s really more French … Continue reading

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CD Review: Ace Diamond, Baddest Gunslingin’ Man

Ace Diamond—also known as Rich Growell—has been making rock and roll and country music for around 30 years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Baddest Gunslingin’ Man is Diamond’s follow up to Rockabilly Man (Badass Hillbilly Band) which he … Continue reading

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Benny Joy, Ittie Bittie Everything

Benny Joy is another wild man of rockabilly who’s been virtually forgotten to history by all but rockabilly fans. Joy’s “Spin the Bottle” is a great classic and he recorded a number of other fantastic rockabilly and early rock and roll … Continue reading

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CD Review: The B-Stars, West Coast Special

Just when I start to think that maybe Americans have given up and ceded all rights to authentic American music to the Europeans, a band comes along to restore my faith in my musician countrymen. The B-Stars out of San … Continue reading

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Groovey Joe Poovey, Careful Baby

I’m working on a review of the latest record by The B-Stars and they open the disc up with a fine cover of the “Careful Baby” which (I think) was originally recorded by Groovy Joe Poovey in 1958. In anticipation … Continue reading

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Memphis Minnie, Down in the Alley

When I reviewed the disc Wait a Minute, Baby! by the Four Star Combo, I mentioned their cover of the blues tune “Down in the Alley.” They do a really nice version of it. I thought you might enjoy hearing the original version by … Continue reading

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CD Review: The Wyatt Christmas Trio, I’ve got Rhythm

If you ask me, any band that starts their liner notes out with, “Ever since we tried to play one ‘true rockabilly music’ during our early stages, we kept failing,” has got to be either the most self-effacing act around, … Continue reading

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