Krazy Kats Will Be Inducted Into Kansas Music Hall Of Fame

Rockabilly pioneers The Krazy Kats

Willie Craig, Lee Dresser, Fred Fletcher: The Krazy Kats 2001 publicity photo

Rockabilly veterans and 1991 inductees into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Krazy Kats, will soon also be inducted into the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame. The Kats, originally from Moberly, Missouri, started playing in 1957 when they were all about 15 years old and have been going strong ever since.

The group figures they’ve played over 4,200 gigs over the years and they have five CDs to their credit. Congratulations to the Krazy Kats for their latest achievement.

Unfortunately, the band’s guitarist/vocalist Lee Dresser is very sick with Leukemia. He’s recovering from a recent bone marrow transplant and understandably having a bit of a struggle with it at the moment. The band is providing updates to friends and fans at the Krazy Kats website. Send your prayers, good thoughts, positive karma, or whatever way you choose to make the world a better place Lee’s way.

Three young boys in the middle of Missouri
Barely in our teens and always in a hurry
Livin’ in the fifties without any goals
When along came a thing called rock ‘n’ roll
So we took the situation right in hand
And got us up a rockin’ little three-piece band
Time went by, but we’re still here

Here’s a cool cut from 1959 that gives you a good taste of what these guys sounded like then. And they don’t sound much different these days. This recording cuts out before the song was finished, which is a drag, but it’s the only thing I could find of the band back in the old days, so enjoy what’s there! 

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