Say Farewell to Voodoo Swing

Arizona’s Voodoo Swing was one of the first modern bands I started following back when I began this blog a few years back. I’ve reviewed their last two records, Keep on Rollin’ and Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos, and Scars, both out on Electric Lotus label, and I’ve really enjoyed their music. But now, after a whole lotta years together (20+) the band is calling it quits as the members look to strike out on their own or in different directions.

Since life dictated that I stop spending much time on Facebook, I haven’t had much contact with the band, so I don’t have any idea of the details behind the split, but it’s a bittersweet happening. On one hand, I’ll miss these guys. They are fun and friendly, and they know how to kick out the great rockin’ roots/rockabilly music. On the other hand, I always like to see bands and the individual members grow and try new things. So, I wish the guys all the best luck as they head into whatever comes after Voodoo Swing. For guitarist/vocalist Shorty Kruetz at least, that means a new solo record coming out in the fall. Released by Electric Lotus label, Shorty’s record, Full Custom Boogie, promises to highlight his love of the blues. I look forward to hearing–and maybe reviewing–it.

In the meantime, you can still catch the band live on their farewell tour. For the fifth straight year, the guys will tour Europe over the summer, so be on the lookout for them to come your way. Good luck with the tour, guys, and all the best for whatever comes next!

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Buster Fayte is an author and musician who enjoys sharing his love for rockabilly music with readers throughout the world.
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2 Responses to Say Farewell to Voodoo Swing

  1. Ivan says:

    They was great band. Hope they will have a rockin’ tour all across Europe!

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