Brian Setzer Due to Release “Rockabilly Riot: All Original” in August

Word is that Setzer is getting deep into his rockabilly roots for his upcoming record, Rockabilly Riot: All Original which will be released in August on the Surfdog Records label. Brian calls the record, “a straight-ahead rockabilly album from start to finish.”

He goes on to say,

I think this album sounds to me a little bit like the first Stray Cats record…it’s rockabilly songs. It’s not just blues songs in the rockabilly style. People like to call it ‘neo-billy,’ I suppose, which is some invented word that somebody came up with, but if that’s the word they want to use, I’d like to go with that, because it sounds to me like it’s very modern and fresh sounding rockabilly.

OK; so that sounds pretty cool to me! The likelihood that this blog is anywhere on Brian Setzer’s radar seems pretty slim, but hopefully someone from the record company will find a way to send me a copy of the disc for review. After all, I already featured one Stray Cat in my reviews section when I reviewed Lee Rocker’s great Night Train to Memphis…it’d be really cool to get another!

In the meantime, here’s a little shot of Setzer in action for you from about 20 years ago. And, by the way; if you were wondering what I was talking about when I mentioned Setzer’s “pick-switch” move a couple of posts ago when I was talking about Barney Kessel, you can see it real plainly in this video.

(Thanks to Maggie Pannacione and Artist Direct for the tip and the quotes.)

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3 Responses to Brian Setzer Due to Release “Rockabilly Riot: All Original” in August

  1. Ivan says:

    Great to hear that. Did you hear his new song Let’s Shake that will be on album?

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