The Saint Gillbillies, The Devil’s in Rio

It is a bit grudgingly that I congratulate the Belgian National team on their thrilling victory over my own USA team yesterday. Even the brick wall named Tim Howard couldn’t stop everything for much more than 90 minutes, but the Belgians walked away knowing they’d been in a real fight, that’s for true!

I know some of you are saying, “This is supposed to be a rockabilly site, what’s all this blathering on about football?” And a fair question too. But The Saint Gillbillies managed to bridge the gap between the two with their tune “The Devil’s in Rio,” so now no one can complain, right?

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Buster Fayte is an author and musician who enjoys sharing his love for rockabilly music with readers throughout the world.
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6 Responses to The Saint Gillbillies, The Devil’s in Rio

  1. Ivan says:

    What a tough game, I was hoping to look a penalties and I was on USA side but it ends with Belgium triumph, and Tim Howard was true Man of the Match! :)

  2. Dave Brancow says:

    Yeah tough game but GREAT game first and fore most.
    But this song is amazing!!!!

  3. Hey, guys, I would like to see all the countries of friends like you from all over the world (USA, Croatia, Mexico) in the cup final angainst Brazil, but… good next world cup!
    All the best!!

    • Buster Fayte says:

      We’ll see, Joanatan… Brazil’s got their work cut out for them in an hour or two–Germany is always tough. Especially with Neymar’s injury. And there have been a lot of surprises in this cup already. But everyone loves Brazil! It should be a great game.

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